Professor Matthew Conaglen
Professor Matthew Conaglen

Professor Conaglen is an Academic Barrister in New South Wales, and a member of the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. He teaches and researches in the fields of equity, trusts and obligations. He is the author of Fiduciary Loyalty: Protecting the Due Performance of Non-Fiduciary Duties (Hart, 2010), and a co-author of Snell’s Equity (33rd ed, Sweet & Maxwell, 2015), as well as numerous book chapters and articles in leading journals both internationally and domestically. His writing has been cited by the High Court of Australia, the Privy Council, the Singaporean Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of New Zealand and the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, as well as numerous lower courts in those jurisdictions.
Prior to becoming an academic, he was a Senior Solicitor at a major New Zealand law firm where he was involved in a wide range of commercial litigation. In recognition of his expertise in the fields of teaching and research in the Chancery sphere, he was made an Academic Member of the Chancery Bar Association in England.


  • Admitted to NSW Bar: 2014


  • LLB (Hons) (Auck)
  • LLM (Mich)
  • PhD (Cantab)