Introducing the 7th Floor Arbitration Scheme

Quick, professional and economical dispute resolution during COVID-19

Expedited   Existing cases before the Courts are immediately listed for hearing within a few weeks to alleviate the COVID-19 backlog.

Short Hearings   Hearings are generally conducted online and limited to one day, with a commitment to optimise the use of hearing time to minimise costs.

Quick Awards   Awards delivered usually within 2 weeks of hearing.

Capped Fees   Fees are capped for disputes up to $2,000,000 in value. Our Fee Schedule is available on request. No administration fees are charged.

Standard Forms   Our standard form arbitration agreement, incorporating the relevant rules for arbitration, is available here.

Excellence & Experience   7th Floor is a centre of excellence in international and domestic arbitration, with numerous Arbitration Fellows, Lecturers, and Authors in the field. All our arbitrators are experienced barristers of at least five years’ standing.

For further inquires, please contact our clerk, Simon Walker

Or, download and complete an Arbitration Agreement and Request for Arbitration if you are ready and email them here