The 7th Floor accepts two readers each year, who start in both the May and September Bar Practice Courses run by the NSW Bar Association.

We provide our readers with the support essential to establishing a successful career at the Bar, including:

  • Accommodation for the first 12 months at the Bar (with no charges for either rent or floor fees). Readers are accommodated in the first year on the main floor.
  • A tutor from among our senior junior barristers.
  • Civil reading with barristers from the 7th Floor.
  • Immediate opportunities to run cases, cross-examine and argue legal submissions through the 7th Floor’s unique relationship with the Marrickville Legal Centre.
  • Participation in the 7th Floor’s social events, in-house CPD/CLE programs, and marketing activities.
  • Practice management support from our experienced Clerk and chambers staff.

Following their reading year, our readers are typically offered annual licenses to remain part of the 7th Floor in our annex.

The 7th Floor is committed to equality of opportunity, and has adopted the NSW Bar Association’s Best Practice Guidelines for:

In addition, 7th Floor members subscribe to the Law Council of Australia’s Equitable Briefing Policy.